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What we do:

What is Thru His Mercy, Inc. all about?

1.    We share Jesus Christ in Mexico.
2.    We assist churches and orphanages.

Method of mobilization?

1.    We operate through governing pastors and orphanage directors.
2.    We receive and accept invitations from pastors/directors.
3.    We work with the pastors to begin the evangelism.

How do we share Jesus Christ?

1.    We share Jesus Christ through tea parties.
            Step 1, the tea parties are a tool used to evangelize the colonia and begin the healing process for women.
            Step 2, we devise a spiritual growth plan of a series of bible studies designed to assist the pastors with discipleship. 
            Step 3, we continue this process as long as necessary to encourage spiritual development.
            Step 4, we encourage and prepare God's children for service to His kingdom.
            Step 5, we help equip God's children with the tools necessary for sharing God's love and forgiveness.
            Step 6, we help equip God's children with necessary tools for spiritual warfare.
            Step 7, we teach, pray, encourage, and support God's children through the attacks of the enemy.

What type of assistance?

1.    We collect donations from outside sources.
2.    We help churches and orphanages by assisting them with supplies.
3.    These supplies help with the daily operation of their organization.

Thru His Mercy, Inc. time and resources are used in planning and preparing for any of the above needs.


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