Fish have been the constant for me since childhood and take me back to days when my dreams and ideas were as big and wild as the fish I paint today. I use fish not so much as a subject but as a journal entry. Every fish I study and paint is an exploration of different times in my life. I try to capture not only segments of my own history but the environment I found myself in at that time. The materials themselves are as important as the subject matter. Through the use of non-conventional materials I give the viewer an opportunity to empower my subjects. The work's strong use of sharp and impenetrable surfaces, protect the subject against the impossible odds they live in.

The aim of my work is not solely for the purposes of predatory reversal but also an attempt at empowering my viewers. I entice the viewer to not only visually embrace my work by using strong textural combinations and vibrant colors but also open the door to further exploration of the work. My ultimate goal is to create works of art that use strong textures, colors, and techniques which will demand that the viewer feel compelled to touch the work.

As children we all explored the world through visual and tactile means. This is my attempt at bringing my viewers back to a forgotten time in their life.

Juan Saenz

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