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Teacher Spotlight- Adriana Ochoa "iPad Classroom Management" (continued from page 1)

In my classroom, students are aware of the essential agreements, rewards for following the agreements, and the consequences for not complying. By having students follow a few simple "rules" such as iPads being placed face down on the desk when they are needed for an assignment but are not immediately being used, a teacher can easily monitor that students are on task.

Students are excited about learning. By giving students the option to do research or complete assignments and projects using these devices, we are tapping in to each student's imagination and creativity. I have seen students create some of their best work on the iPad because they are able to show what they can really do. Students should always be given a choice, though. If a student chooses to complete an assignment without the iPad, that is okay too. For the students who do not have a device, I offer the use one of the classroom computers or will offer him or her my iPad to use (within the classroom). Paper copies of assignments are always made available as well if requested.

Click here for helpful tips on mobile device management in the classroom.


Teacher Spotlight- Letty Silva "Learning Centers Supporting Student Centered Inquiry Based Learning"

Instruction and Guidance Center teacher, Letty Silva, uses learning centers in her classroom to support inquiry based learning. Learning centers appeal to a variety of learning styles and also allows for differentiation which is essential in today's classrooms. Ms. Silva incorporates iPads into her learning centers along with iOS apps, such as Dropbox, Pic Collage, Adobe Reader and Keynote to support student learning. Take a moment to hear more about Ms. Silva's teaching and learning environment.


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