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Online Classroom Showcase (continued from page 1)

Alvarez Elementary School

Check out Ms. Rocio Garcia's online class page from Alvarez Elementary.  Ms. Garcia's online class has the curriculum objectives posted for all students to see and she also provides Educational Resources/Links for her students to access to reinforce her teaching in the class.

Classroom Web Page

Bonham Elementary School

Kristen Trevino, from Bonham Elementary, does a good job of keeping student informed of the IB objectives for the six weeks, as well as the current assignments.

Classroom Web Page

Castañeda Elementary School

Check out Ms. Susana Sarmiento’s 4th grade online class at Castaneda Elementary.  Ms. Sarmiento provides her students with the skill of the week online and awesome resource links for her students to check out.

Classroom Web Page

Cathey Middle School

Visit Mrs. Franklin’s Language A Year 1 classroom.  She keeps her students well informed with up-to-date information at Cathey Middle School.

Classroom Web Page

DeLeon Middle School

Ms. Maritza Garza keeps her students up-to-date using her BlackBoard Engage calendar.

Classroom Web Page

Escandon Elementary School

Escandon Elementary teacher, Dora Garza, keeps her students up to date with News and Assignments.

Classroom Web Page

Fields Elementary School

Ms. Amanda Ybarra provides awesome resources and information for her students through her online classroom.  Click on the link to visit her online class.

Classroom Web Page

Gonzalez Elementary School

Gonzalez Elementary teacher, Laura Mireles, includes a challenge of the week on her BlackBoard Engage classroom page.

Classroom Web Page

Houston Elementary School

Ms. Moneforte keeps her classroom up-to-date and her students at Houston Elementary well informed.

Classroom Web Page

Instruction and Guidance Center

Instruction and Guidance Center teacher, James Sullivan, makes use of the slideshow feature in BlackBoard Engage on his classroom page to draw in his users.

Classroom Web Page

Jackson Elementary School

Jackson Elementary teacher, Ruth Whiddon, posts her homework on her motivational teacher page.

Classroom Web Page

Lincoln Middle School

Visit Ms. Linda Gonzalez’s class to see how she teaches Texas History.  Through the use of weebly she creates her online classroom to share her classroom resources with her students and parents.

Classroom Web Page 1
Classroom Web Page 2

McAuliffe Elementary School

Come visit Ms. Rosser’s online classroom.  She keeps her students and her parents informed of her daily classroom activities via her online classroom.

Classroom Web Page

Memorial High School

Cynthia Sandoval from McAllen Memorial's counseling department keeps the Counselor's Corner webpage up to date with the latest information and important events.

Counselor's Web Page

Morris Middle School

Visit Ms. Garza's classroom page for assignments, news and information about her classroom.

Classroom Web Page

Perez Elementary School

Be sure to visit the 3rd grade Pioneer department webpage. This content rich page is produced by the 3rd grade teachers at Perez Elementary.

Department Web Page

Roosevelt Elementary School

Roosevelt Elementary teacher, Corinne Chavana, uses her BlackBoard Engage page to stress classroom goals.

Classroom Web Page

Rowe High School

Stop by and visit Mr. Joseph Nevanen’s online class.  Mr. Nevanen’s course syllabus is very helpful in providing all requirements needed for his class.

Classroom Web Site

Sanchez Elementary School

Sanchez Elementary teacher, Anna Liguez, uses BlackBoard Engage to share important classroom Newsletters and Events with parents and students

Classroom Web Page

Seguin Elementary School

Ms. Garcia keeps her students organized with her BlackBoard Engage classroom page.

Classroom Web Page

Thigpen-Zavala Elementary School

Stop by and visit Ms. Beatrice Trevino’s online classroom.  She provides parents and students with weekly newsletters with class news, weekly objectives, weekly vocabulary, and class homework.

Classroom Web Site

Travis Middle School

Mr. Jesse Palomo always keeps his classroom updated with assignments, links and current news items.

Classroom Web Page

Wilson Elementary School

Ms. Luna-Rangel's students can count on her to post their assignments on her BlackBoard Engage classroom page.

Classroom Web Page

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