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Blackboard Engage- Features for Teachers (continued from page 1)

Classroom Webmasters
Teachers, do you need help updating your BlackBoard Engage Online Classroom Pages?  Let your students help!  Setup your students to become Classroom Webmasters.  Students can upload your classroom resource documents such as weekly newsletters, presentations, Reading/Vocabulary lists, Tests, homework assignments and so much more!  Click on the links below to learn more.

Link to step-by-step instructions- PDF

Link to step-by-step instructions- Video


Homework Drop Box
Teachers and other district or school officials may create homework drop boxes. Students submit essays and other projects to the drop boxes directly through Edline. These interactive activities are typically made available to students in a particular class. The name of the assignment will be available as a link on the class web page.

Link to step-by-step instructions- Video


A blog is a shortened version of a Web Log and in laymen's terms means an online interactive journal. Teachers can use classroom blogs to engage students in discussion during and after the usual school day. They can post topics for discussion, additional classroom notes or information, classroom assignments and much more. A classroom blog will allow students to interact with their peers and teachers on a continual basis beyond the usual 45-90 minute class period. Students today use social networking blog sites such as "facebook" to talk to their peers about life in and outside of school. Teachers can capitalize on this by bringing blogging into the classroom. The point is to have students using a medium that appeals to them to increase their understanding of a given topic or discuss a topic that may not have been adequately covered in class.

Setting up a Blog

Posting a Blog

Creating a Blog and Adding an Entry


Online Quizes
Teachers can add a new quiz/assignment to their BlackBoard Engage website for students of their class. Quizzes/Assignments can include files to download and fill-out on paper, or they can be an online quiz/assignment with multiple choice answers, True/False, drop-down selection list answers, or text responses.

View the short video: Adding an Online Quiz

Click Here to find detailed how-to information on creating online quizzes and homework dropboxes.

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