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STARLORD DRONES specializes in industrial mapping, surveillance, inspections, photography & videography.

The STARLORD DRONES team provides wind turbine, power line, and building inspections. We also provide mapping services for the construction and agriculture industries. Our training in the public safety sector enables us to aid in search and rescue missions as well as crimescene photography.

Why use a drone to make inspections?

We can safely make inspections in hard-to-get-to and inaccesable locations. With our drones we can eliminate the necessity of actual human presence while inspecting dangerous places which reduces the risk of injuries and significantly lowers operating costs.

Working with your staff, we are able to evaluate malfunctions and irregularities of individual industrial and building elements. This minimizes a potential risk of breakdown and saves time and resources. We document all of our inspections using HD 4K resolution cameras.

At STARLORD DRONES we are able to map the progress at construction sites and provide 3D images of buildings and topography. We can also provide valuable data about crop health for the agricultural industry though aerial drone mapping.


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