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Officers Present President Charlie Yow, Vice-President Julio Madrigal, Treasurer Rick Michelena, Secretary Terry Maruska, Field Marshall Llyod Seed, Safety Officers Dick Ware and Roy Richmond
23 members present for meeting.

President Charlie Yow opened the meeting at 7 P.M.
Minutes accepted as delivered to the membership.
Treasurer’s report accepted as delivered to the membership.

The Ace Member Program recognizes those members of the club who have helped the club with their extra effort. President Charlie Yow presented to Llyod Seed and Julio Madrigal their $25 gift certificate for their work at the field.
President Yow will send out notice of pending issues one week prior to the meeting so members can be present to vote on their issue.
Minor items can still be addressed at any meeting.

Fun Fly is Saturday January 16, 2016 and all members have been assigned jobs for this day.
Dick Ware asked members to bring cake, pies and cakes for us to sell at the Fun Fly.
Dick Ware said 6 members have purchased a generator to use at the field. Please be sure and wear your club shirt to the Fun Fly. Dick Ware went through the list for members who volunteered to help. Spectators are free to the event. Raffle tickets will be sold during the event and is our main source of revenue for the event. Texas Roadhouse has donated 2 $25.00 gift certificate for the raffle. A tent will be set up for the silent auction at the Fun fly to offer a new plane and motor for sale. The minimum value is set is $80.00 We will have donuts donated by Shipley Do-Nuts (5 Dozen), so we can have coffee and donuts.

Tractor discussion was had about buying a new tractor for the field. After much discussion the club has made a motion, “To buy a new tractor (3572.25) if the Fun Fly makes a net profit of $500 and if the Treasurer Rick Michelena does not have enough money in the treasury we will access each member $50.00”.
Motion passed by the club members present.

Rick Michelena reported that we currently have 38 members and 5 life members. John Pief, Roy Richmond, Dick Ware, Rick Michelena and Alex Herz who have paid $500 to be come a life member. We have 5 new members to vote on for membership. They are Willard Amundson, Steve and Cindy Schultz, Steve Smith, Steven Smith and Tomas Uribe.
The club voted in all 5 new members.
Rick Michelena pointed out all members who fly at the field must have AMA and Tejas membership paid up. The lease with the city requires everyone who flies to be have AMA insurance current.
Motion by Rick Michelena “ In accordance with established Tejas R/C operating policy, any former member that does not renew his club membership is not allowed flying privileges after January 31 of that current year. He also is not allowed to be the guest flyer of any current club member who may wish to invite him.” The motion was passed by the membership. Dick Ware can accept the dues for AMA at the field if someone shows up at the field who has not renewed in AMA membership. Dick Ware is our only CD thru AMA in the club. Dick Ware has 7 days to submit the dues to AMA.Rick Michelena will only accept membership applications if an AMA number are also submitted.

Rick has pointed out the FAA has set dead lines for registering your planes and it is free until January 17, 2016 and if you do not file by February 17, 2016 you are subject to fines. We are waiting for AMA to work with the FAA to accept our AMA number as registration number. The FAA will address this issue in time, so we recommend you get registered.

Charlie Yow has a former member who has items for sale. If interested, please contact Charlie Yow.
Terry Maruska won raffle for $25.00 to Hobby Town.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 P.M.

Terry Maruska Secretary