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VPR training Philosophy
         “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend can improve a friend.” Proverbs 27:17 NLT.

At VPR training we are here to help you with your fitness and wellness goals. We want to educate and work with you to achieve your maximum fitness.  We believe that the wellness of every person depends on the balance of mind, body, soul and environment.   At VPR we understand the importance of balance in life is the key to making positive, lifelong, physical changes to the body.

We approach training from an educated, researched base, holistic aspect. We are not here to enable you, like other trainers do, but to coach and educate you about fitness and your body.

We are goal orientated. We believe that fitness goals are important and give purpose to training. We know that training without a goal or purpose is just going to lead to frustration and disappointment.  We want to help you achieve your goals and the next level of fitness, whatever it may be. That is why we coach and teach instead of enable. Here at VPR we want to train you, help you meet your fitness and life goals, learn about your body, take ownership of your wellness, so that you can be a balanced, focused, and centered individual.

You are the OWNER and CEO of your body.  Many times, without knowing it, you relinquish the position of CEO and leave it vacated. Without direction and purpose your body and life may seem like it is out of control.  You are still the owner, but you feel like you are no longer in control of your fitness, eating habits, daily routine, etc.  A negative environment can affect you emotionally which will in turn affect you physically through stress and anxiety. At VPR we want you to let us become a Co CEO of your body. You are still the owner but we are here to give you the support, guidance, direction and the purpose you need to get started on your wellness and fitness journey. It is our Goal to be there for you, working for you each step of the way. 

If you have questions about training we can help you find them. If you have questions about dieting we can help you get them. If you have questions about supplements we can recommend and help you with those too. I have 25 years of experience in the field of fitness, 10 years in coaching, 19 years in personal training, 18 years of playing in a team sport, another 5 years in individual sports.  I am experienced, dedicated, motivated, educated, and ready to help you succeed!!

We believe that quality training and lifestyle change is more important than the "quick fix" training. We are not into the quick fix of losing 40 pounds in a month just to gain it back again in 3. We want to help you make a lifestyle change. We want you to become a FIT individual.
It's not the amount of time you work out or how many times you workout but the intensity in which you train.

You must have the FIT component in your training and your life!
F (Focus) on the workout at hand. Focus begins before the workout.  You must have your mind clear of distractions and know your purpose for doing each day's work out.

I (Intensity) must be maintained through the entire workout.  Every set, Every Rep, every exercise should be performed at its fullest potential to achieve your desired results. Intensity can be felt!

T (Technique) every exercise should be performed with proper form to avoid injury.  Stress should be placed on the muscles not the joint.  This is done by concentrating on both phases of the lift (concentric and eccentric).

The FIT component can be applied to Life. Focus on today's goals one moment at a time. Don't worry about tomorrow. Don't worry about yesterday. You cannot change either one and worry gets you nowhere. Focus on today and make it the best, most productive day of your life!

Intensity should be in every aspect of your life! Do your best every single day at every single thing you do. Give it your 100%! You may feel tired even exhausted but you just did the best with everything you've got and no one can take that away from YOU!!

Technique. You are a technical unique individual.  Everyone has a unique, technical, set of qualities.  These qualities are made up of your skills, aptitudes, interests, and abilities. You must apply these to every situation and aspect of your life Work, family, free time, and everything else.  Live your life in the unique way only you can!!

So quit wasting your time at the gym and with personal trainers? There is a better way to achieve wellness and fitness. It's not difficult if you have someone there to coach you, motivate you, and help you get started.  One of the most difficult things in the world is making the decision to start and following through with it.

We offer a variety of services. Call or email us for a free initial consultation so we can sit down and talk about your goals and decide what the best fitness scenario for you is. We look forward to taking to you soon.

Mike Johnson

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